Eye muscle movements and exercises

A woman performing eye muscle exercises.

Did you know that regular muscle movements and exercises are also beneficial for the eyes?

Granted, they won't be able to cure medical conditions, but these simple habits can help improve comfort and aid basic eye functions. Many people spend hours daily in front of an electronic device, such as a computer or laptop. This can easily deprive the eyes of the rest they need and lead to eyestrain.

Even though there's limited evidence as to the medical value of eye muscle movements and exercises, your eye doctor may recommend them in certain cases. For example, if you struggle to focus your eyes while reading, recently underwent surgery, or have blurred vision, these eye activities may offer help.

Let's talk more about simple eye exercises that you can do at home or basically anywhere you are.

  1. Flexing or eye movements. In this exercise, you must first close your eyes and then slowly open them. Next, move your eyes upward while keeping your head and body in a neutral position. Then, move your eyes downward, ensuring the rest of your body stays still. You may repeat these steps three times. Afterward, move your eyes to the left and to the right. Make sure you do it slowly and without moving your head. You can also repeat this three times.
  2. The 20-20-20 rule. This exercise is often described as ideal for desk workers or those who sit in front of the computer for their work. The procedure is simple. Since looking at the monitor for long hours can strain the eyes, this exercise aims to give your eyes some rest. The rule is to look at anything that is at least 20 feet away for 20 seconds every 20 minutes. You can set an alarm every 20 minutes as a reminder. You also don't have to look at an object that is exactly 20 feet away. You may, as an option, look far out the window and search for distant objects.
  3. Focus change. Another easy eye exercise and movement that you can do anywhere is the focus change. The only rule is that you do it in a sitting position. You can start with one of your fingers. Lift one finger in front of your face and focus on it. Then, position the finger farther away while keeping your gaze on it. Afterward, look somewhere farther away, and then look at your finger again. Move your finger closer to your face, and then change your focus to another object far away. You may also repeat the process up to three times.
  4. Pencil pushups. This next exercise may be ideal for those with convergence insufficiency or who have issues with how their eyes work together when looking at close objects. You only need a pencil to do this. First, position the pencil at arm's length, between the eyes, and stare at it while keeping a single image of it. Then, move the pencil closer to your nose until you can no longer keep a single image in your view. Afterward, hold the pencil at the closest position where you can see it as a single image, not blurred. Repeat the steps mentioned 20 times.

If your only concern is eye strain, you may start off with these eye muscle movements and exercises to relieve pressure on your eyes. Though, if the discomfort persists or progresses, don’t hesitate to see an eye doctor for an evaluation.

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CJ Smallwood

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ a month ago

I have been to see Dr. Nenshi for two separate issues over the past 3 years. Both times she has taken the time to fully understand the problems, and really excelled at providing lasting resolution. With some other chiropractors I have found they ask you to return several times, which can make you feel like it's a revenue stream. Here, Dr Nenshi focuses on effective treatment and strives to limit the quantity of follow-ups based on true necessity. Would highly recommend.

Theresa Barrett

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 3 months ago

Dr. Nenshi is a fantastic Chiropractor. I have had adjustments with her since 2009. She takes the time to listen to your concern and describes the treatment plan tailored to my specific needs. She has a holistic approach to wellness focusing not only on alleviating my pain but also on improving my overall health and mobility. She compliments the traditional spinal adjustments with neuropathy treatment, sensory training, fascia release to name a few. Each session tailored to target my problem areas and gradually restore alignment to my spine. I highly recommend Dr. Nenshi.

Faisal Alimohd

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 3 months ago

I've been visiting Dr. Nenshi for some time now, and I wanted to share my exceptional experience. From the outset, Dr. Nenshi's thorough approach to chiropractic care set a new standard for what I expect from healthcare professionals. Unlike any chiropractor I've been to before, she delves deep into the intricacies of how our bodies function, with a keen focus on the brain and neurological connections. This unique approach has enlightened me to several health aspects I was previously unaware of, enhancing my overall well-being in ways I hadn't imagined. What truly sets Dr. Nenshi apart is her holistic view towards treatment, emphasizing not just the physical adjustments but also how neurological health plays a crucial role in our physical state. It's refreshing to see a practitioner so dedicated to ensuring all aspects of one's health are in harmony. Based on her recommendation, I purchased a specialized pillow from her selection. This was NOT an upsell but a game-changer for my sleeping habits and posture. It took a bit to get used to but the difference was noticeable almost immediately, improving not only the quality of my sleep but also my daily posture and comfort. Healthcare can often feel impersonal and rushed, Dr. Nenshi’s attentive and informed care is a rare find. Her dedication to her patients' holistic well-being, backed by her innovative approach focusing on the brain-neuro connection, truly places her in a league of her own. If you're seeking chiropractic care that goes beyond the conventional to offer comprehensive, personalized treatment, look no further than Dr. Nenshi. My experience has been nothing short of transformative, and I cannot recommend her enough.

Priscilla Venktes

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 3 weeks ago

What a wonderful experience ,every time I step through the doors at Neuro Health Clinic, greeted with a smile and positive vibes. My main concern was migraines… I tried it all…. Chiro, massage, cupping, acupuncture, migraine Botox i was loosing hope and FINALY came across Dr Nenshi, who is just phenomenal. She's constantly educating herself with different types of therapies that suites every individual that walks through the door. Dr Nenshi is very professional and detailed in her treatments, ensuring that all avenues are explored, I trusted her, and she didn’t disappoint, I can say confidentiality i haven’t suffered with a migraine for few weeks now.

Anne Holbrook

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 6 months ago

Dr Nenshi has been my chiropractor since 2002. She has been a true blessing in my life. Her empathy and desire to help me through so many physical challenges over the years has proven to be a saving grace so often. I highly recommend her as a doctor and a wonderful human being! Frozen shoulder, sciatica, jaw problems, all have been addressed and I found relief with her help and different modalities. Thanks Dr Nenshi!