Cognitive Exercises

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Like the rest of the body, the brain also requires exercise to keep it in good condition. Aging is linked to an increased risk of developing brain diseases. Regular cognitive exercises can protect the brain from damage, such as memory loss.

Variety is one consideration to keep in mind, though. Just as you would move to a higher difficulty level when a game becomes too easy, you'll also need to challenge your brain and level up your activities. You don't have to spend hours each day doing this.

A few minutes a day or a few hours per week should be enough to help the brain stay sharp for longer. Here are examples of cognitive exercises to include in your daily or weekly routine.

  1. Play games. Boost your brainpower by spending some time playing games or solving puzzles. These games require cognitive functions and improve speed and memory. Crossword puzzles, for example, stimulate the brain and slow down memory decline. Solving jigsaw puzzles is also beneficial as it allows you to exercise perception, reasoning, and memory

  2. Read books. This is good news for bookworms. Reading is a great cognitive exercise because it introduces the brain to various topics and information. You give your brain opportunities to imagine and visualize. You pick up interesting data or stories that you'll want to share with others. You also learn new things, such as unfamiliar words or trivia from different cultures. If you're all about expanding your vocabulary range, you can practice writing down a new work, searching for its meaning, and using it in a sentence.

  3. Test your recall abilities. Stimulate your brain every now and then with simple memory exercises. Create a list, such as things to do or stuff to buy at the grocery store. Then, after an hour, check how many items on your list you can recall. You may also try memory games to test your short-term memory. It's a fun way to keep the brain active and also offers plenty of opportunities to bond with your loved ones.

  4. Practice your hand-eye coordination. Just because they're cognitive exercises does not mean you'll only use your mind or brain; involving the body is also part of the process. Refining your motor skills can enhance your hand-eye coordination and help your brain perform better. That's why regular exercise, engaging in sports, or practicing new hobbies are often recommended by healthcare professionals. No matter your age or profession, take the time to stay active or get moving. Draw, paint, knit, play the guitar, dance, bike, or run. Engage areas of the brain involved in performing these activities.

  5. Meditate. Meditation can help you calm your mind and body and reduce stress. It involves focusing or dedicating your full attention in a controlled manner, which also helps enhance your brain's processing power. One advantage of meditation is that it doesn't require fancy tools or equipment. Find a quiet spot and spend at least a few minutes relaxing. Come out of each session with renewed peace of mind and improved brain power.

Cognitive exercises don’t have to be costly, nor do they require special preparation. Dedicate a few minutes of your day to it, or squeeze them in during work breaks. Boost your memory, focus, and mental strength, regardless of age.

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Brittany Mahe

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ a month ago

Dr. Nenshi has been invaluable during my pregnancy and postpartum journey, as well as treating my little baby girl. During pregnancy, she was able to help with low back and pelvis/hip pain, which significantly improved my quality of life during those last months. Postpartum she has been incredibly helpful with the aches and pains I have had due to breastfeeding, as well as improving the actual process of breastfeeding by waking up my nervous system. In regards to my newborn, she was able to help with some serious gas and digestion problems - which improved her mood and sleep tremendously! While treating her for those pesky tummy problems, she also noticed that she was favouring turning her neck to the left side and struggling with turning to the right. She was able to fix that as well, before it turned into more serious problems. Overall, I highly recommend Dr. Nenshi for almost all pains during your prenatal, postnatal and newborn journey :). She gives great care to her patients (young and old), and can usually see you with short notice. She is now seeing multiple members of my family.

Reid Hansen

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 2 months ago

My lovely bride of 36 years developed painful sciatic, hip, and foot pain that eventually became almost debilitating to her. 3 months with Dr. Nenshi ( 4-5 visits?) and she is now pain free. We are so grateful to her, it’s been a quality of life miracle.

Kootenay Maui Fam

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ a year ago

I just want to mention how wonderful Dr. Nenshi is! She is more than just a chiropractor. Her neurological knowledge is exceptional! She was so thorough in her assessment during our first meeting that it took a couple of hours. Her caring, commitment and compassion goes beyond the normal standard of care. She truly wants to help get you better and she won't give up! I can't say enough good things about Dr. Nenshi and I would be remiss if I didn't mention her amazing assistant Rachelle, who is just awesome as well! Ryan


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 2 years ago

Dr Nenshi continues to save my life time and time again with her chiropractic care. She is very knowledgeable, nice, and a pleasure to be around. She is passionate about her work and cares very deeply for her clients health and well being. I’ve referred my Dad and my fiancΓ© who are now both very happy clients of hers as well. She’s the best in the business and you won’t regret going to Dr Nenshi for your chiropractic needs.

Moumita Paul

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ a year ago

We met Dr.Nenshi first time on November 17, 2020. It was in regards to our son's concussion. She truly knows magic. The way she helped our son to go one step at a time patiently and took true care of him it was amazing. Best part was she always had some solution for his problem. It was a long process and she held our hand to go through that rough phase. Not only concussion, she treated my son later for his partial ligament tear and some neck and shoulder pain too. She is amazing and she will never give up. Thank you so much Dr.Nenshi for giving us back our son as he was before the injury. Anwit loves you and depends on you. We truly appreciate her professionalism with personal touch.